Working remotely has become the new normal for many employees across the country. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused many offices to temporarily or permanently close and many employers to shift to a remote work environment.

Business owners and executives have quickly discovered the numerous benefits that working from home can have for both workers and employers. Remote work gives employees the freedom to work without being bound by the walls of an office. Employers are also given the ability to expand their recruitment campaigns by seeking candidates from around the country, or even the world.

However, working from home is a very different experience than working in an office, and hiring managers are realizing that not everyone is cut out to be a remote worker. It’s crucial to look for qualified candidates who are able to adapt to this type of work environment. Not only is it important to consider who can do the job well, but who can do the job well remotely.

In order to succeed in a virtual work environment, employees must obtain additional, necessary skills to productively get the job done. As you are reviewing numerous applications, make sure to take note of candidates’ remote skill sets.

A few examples of characteristics of a great remote worker include:

1.) Strong communicator

Since remote workers are not in the same vicinity as their co-workers during the workday, they must be ready and willing to effectively communicate with their team at all times. Candidates should be skilled in both email and phone communication.

2.) Self-motivated

In any job, employers are commonly looking for self-starters who are able to prioritize. This is especially true with remote working. Staying on top of all your employees is more difficult when you are not all in the same place. It is critical to look for candidates who are self-motivated and committed to their work on a daily basis. Your employees should be capable of staying on task and taking action without being told to do so.

Working from home can also be distracting in a number of ways. It is essential to find disciplined candidates who are capable of independently maintaining the drive to deliver quality work every day.

3.) Results oriented

At the end of the day, results are much more important than simply filling the day with activities. Your remote employees should have a good understanding about your goals as a company and constantly be striving to meet them.

4.) Collaborative

Collaborating with other team members who are not in the same space can be a bit challenging. It’s important to find positive, driven individuals who make the most out of their circumstances when it comes to working as a team.

In addition to qualities that make up the ideal remote worker, here are a few further factors to consider when finding the right candidate for your remote position:

  • Remote experience

    Previous remote work experience is a good credential to look for when hiring someone who will be working remotely for your business. This will ensure that your new employee already has a general understanding of what it takes to work independently. However, this does not mean that candidates who have not worked remotely before should be automatically disqualified from your search. There are many transferable skills that can be used in both in-office and remote work places such as strong communication and reliability.


  • Strong references

    References give you a good idea on how your employee performed at their previous place of work and also helps to provide a certain level of trust. Conducting an online interview is a lot different than being able to meet your candidate face-to-face. Strong references will ultimately help give employers a better understanding about your past experience rather than just reading through a resume.


  • Culture fit

    While skills and experience are important factors when searching for the right candidate, it’s also essential to find people who have a personality that fits with your company culture to ensure they will be a positive addition to the team. In order to thrive in your company, you need to make sure that your potential employees align with your corporate values and are able to work well with others, even while being remote.

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