By David Reichard, President


Looking for the ideal person to fill a job vacancy can be a time-consuming, frustrating affair. The pressure can increase when business demands require the staffing of multiple important positions at one time. During times like these, it is tempting to pull out all the stops and use every resource available to find that perfect candidate. While recruitment process outsourcing is most often a smart solution, there is always the danger of going overboard. Using too many recruiters can be ineffectual; and not just for employers, but candidates, as well.

How using too many recruiters can be ineffectual for employers

  • Candidate overlap: One problem that can arise when working with multiple recruiters is overlap with candidates, especially when the talent pool is limited, such as for a niche position. Using too many recruiters may cause recruiters to duplicate efforts over the same candidates, creating confusion between the candidates, recruiters and the employer and leading to things like billing conflicts and lost time. This can reflect poorly on all parties, costing everyone in multiple ways.
  • Quantity over quality: If your recruitment services are, in fact, sending you large numbers of candidates with little duplication, there can quite possibly be another catch. In an attempt to have at least one of their prospects selected, they may be skipping the most crucial step of actually screening the applicants! You may well find yourself seeing candidates who are not qualified for the job or who don’t fit in well with your work culture.
  • Internal inefficiency in large companies: Sometimes, large companies may use different staffing vendors for different departments. This can also be a big disadvantage. Just like an organization’s internal HR department is able to use their holistic knowledge of the company’s multiple departments to be able to see the “big picture”, so too can settling on a single staffing agency to source talent for all of a company’s multiple departments, increase hiring efficiency and lower cost per hire.

Recruiting firms like Alluvion, who specialize across multiple verticals such as finance/accounting, information technology, office professionals and executive search, can easily fulfill complete enterprise business hiring needs, making them well-suited as single-source providers, and a smarter choice.

How using too many recruiters can be ineffectual for candidates

  • Multiple applications: As a candidate, when you have approached multiple recruiters, or otherwise engaged with several at one time, there is always the danger that each of them sends your CV to the same employer. What you don’t want is for your potential employer to purposely skip over your application because they don’t want to deal with any potential conflict over whose candidate you are.
  • Bad matches: Many inferior staffing services are just looking to push applications through, regardless of whether the candidates are suited for the position, professionally, or in terms of culture fit. You might find yourself being called in for interviews for a position you’re not the least bit interested in or are even qualified to take. If you happen to get hired, this can lead to rapid turnover, which is not helpful for you or the employer.
  • Lost in the crowd: Working with recruiters who are only about the volume in the hope that one of the hundreds of candidates they present will get the job, means your CV could easily get lost in a sea of applications, causing you to lose out on a good opportunity. Working with too many recruiters could potentially damage your chances of finding the right job.


The solution for companies and candidates: Find the right recruiters and grow your relationship with them.


For candidates, it is wise to be careful about what recruiters you choose to work with, and how many. Check their credentials and be aware of the pitfalls of engaging with just anyone.

For companies considering using multiple recruiters for their staffing needs, it is recommended that you make a short list of 2-3 preferred staffing vendors and reach out to them before implementing any strategy, so that recruitment efforts are not duplicated too many times within the same market. Ideally, you find one well-qualified firm to handle everything, even if you’re a large company with multiple departments and diverse hiring needs. This will provide your selected vendor with the opportunity to be more efficient and cost-effective on your behalf with ever-increasing benefits over time.

Alluvion is a workforce recruitment company that takes the time to screen multiple candidates and match them with the right jobs and companies. We combine quality with quantity by taking the extra step to understand the needs and requirements of companies and candidates, then forging the right connections. Call us at (904) 367-3292 to learn how we can help you!