2020 was a tough year for recruiters and hiring managers, to say the least. Navigating through new work conditions and hiring processes has brought the world of recruiting to an entirely new level. With that in mind, here are 4 hiring trends that companies should be using to maximize their success in 2021:

Virtual Interviews

Scheduling flexibility, convenience, consistency and candidate expansion are a few of the benefits that have been recognized as a result of conducting virtual interviews. Through the years, we have seen recruiting move more towards digital platforms such as online postings, social media, and now, virtual interviews. While Alluvion has leveraged virtual interviewing for several years, we saw our clients and candidates use the medium much more frequently in 2020 than ever before. Both candidates and employers have acknowledged this new experience as highly effective. All in all, virtual interviews are simply a modern alternative to traditional approaches that have benefited both job searchers and employers by offering efficiency and convenience.

Remote Work is Here to Stay

It comes as no surprise that there was a significant increase in remote work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The amount of remote workers is expected to continue to grow even higher in 2021. Job seekers should anticipate that working from home may be the new normal for many organizations, both small businesses and large corporations. 2020 proved that a vast majority of work can be effectively completed remotely without the need of a communal office space. Even as the pandemic continues to slow down and society slowly transitions back to normal, it is predicted that many employers and employees will prefer to remain remote, at least to some extent. The concept of remote working may be new to some job searchers, which is why it is crucial to understand how to overcome certain obstacles that may come with working from home.

Diversity Will Be Prioritized

Diversity and inclusion continues to be a top priority in the workplace for many companies. Having a diverse workforce provides a broader and better understanding of customers’ unique needs, and offers a wider variety of perspectives that may be necessary to fulfill them. In addition, having a diverse team of workers from a variety of backgrounds will give organizations access to a larger range of talent to further advance the company in its entirety. Having an increased cultural insight will ultimately lead to creative innovation, informed decision making and faster problem solving.

Soft Skills Will Be Recognized

In addition to finding qualified candidates that possess sufficient experience and the necessary skill set that correlates with a job description, recruiters are also taking a candidate’s soft skills into much consideration. Soft skills are known as personal qualities or characteristics that enable someone to work well and effectively in a team setting, or remotely on their own. A few examples of soft skills may include problem-solving, communication, work-ethic, time management, adaptability and leadership. Every organization has a unique common goal that they are working towards, and it is important to find individuals who are going to contribute towards those goals to ultimately benefit the company culture as a whole.

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