By David Reichard, President


As society embraces technology with ever-increasing roles in our daily lives, a focus on STEM education in schools is becoming increasingly necessary for the workforce. This isn’t only true for IT specialists in high-tech industries, but also general workforce roles, as well. The more that schools focus on STEM education, the better prepared new graduates will be for positions in STEM in business and the modern workplace.

What is STEM?

STEM refers to a specific type of curriculum based on four distinct disciplines:

  1. Science
  2. Technology
  3. Engineering
  4. Mathematics

It involves so much more than creating lessons plans that foster learning in these key fields. It also seeks to provide advanced education to teachers, so that they have the skills necessary to provide robust educational experiences for students in these disciplines.

In December 2018, the White House announced a 5-Year STEM Education Strategic Plan that extended and enhanced a previous plan to advance STEM education across the country, especially in underserved areas. The goal of the STEM plan is to ensure that all American youth have access to strong foundational STEM education, so that America continues to be a leader in innovation and employment in STEM fields and industries.

STEM Skills and Their Roles in Various Industries

One of the important things to note about STEM is that while there is a strong focus on the primary disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math, the fundamentals learned through STEM educational programs extend far beyond industries that specialize in those fields.

For instance, everyone knows that STEM skills are instrumental in finance, business administration, medicine and logic-based industries, like the practice of law. But the fact is that few industries today lack some sort of technological components. Even professions like journalism, construction and customer service require some aspects of STEM learning and education.

The Benefits of Hiring and Developing STEM Workers

STEM workers have particular talents for thinking outside of the traditional box. They provide advanced problem-solving capabilities and innovative approaches to using technology that other workers may never consider. Hiring STEM professionals equips your organization with individuals who are logical and organized in how they think and approach the tasks ahead of them. These kinds of employees can help your company take technological leaps or just perform better, generally.

STEM recruiters like Alluvion can help you identify top STEM talent that can help propel your company forward with the use of their unique skill sets. From IT specialists to office professionals to finance and accounting workers, we understand the many benefits these kinds of employees can provide companies, which is one reason we are also so heavily involved in promoting STEM education and developing these kinds of workers from their earliest years.

How Alluvion is Leading the Way to Promote STEM Development Among Students

As technology recruiting specialists, Alluvion believes in the power of STEM education for creating professionals in every industry who possess outstanding critical thinking skills. We believe it is our civic and moral obligation to support STEM educational efforts, to bring STEM talent into local businesses and the modern workforce.

Four years ago, Alluvion, along with other area business leaders, came together to launch the Northeast Florida STEM2 Hub in Jacksonville. Envisioned as a workforce and educational initiative focusing on STEM fields, the STEM2 Hub has proven an enormous success. The STEM2 Hub has been influencing curriculum and providing teachers with the resources required to prepare students to excel in today’s workforce. These teachers, in turn, have been impacting tens of thousands of students, clubs and underserved communities with the resources required to develop their STEM talents.

Whether you’re seeking to recruit STEM educated talent into your organization or would like to learn more about how you can be part of this important work, contact Alluvion today by calling (904) 367-3292.