By Sean Reichard, Managing Director, Alluvion


Did you know that 80% of the millennial population consider a company’s corporate culture before applying for a job? Did you know that the type of talent you hire affects your corporate culture, too?

What is corporate culture?

A company’s corporate culture refers to the type of environment the company creates for its employees. Everything from the dress code enforced to how approachable the top management is, makes up the company culture matrix.

The relationship between recruitment and corporate culture

It is only when the type of people you hire truly believe in the same values as you do, that your corporate culture comes to life. This is where recruitment comes into the picture – it helps companies find the candidates who are the right fit for their corporate culture.

In his book, What it Takes: Seven Secrets of Success from the World’s Greatest Professional Firms, author Charles Ellis notes that the world’s best companies are extremely particular about hiring culturally-fit people. They have between eight and 20 people interview a single candidate to make sure that only those prospects who believe in the company’s values are hired. In fact, studies show that companies that focus more on culture-fit than technical-fit experience a turnover that’s 30% less than other companies. There’s also evidence that candidates who value corporate culture over other factors are willing to accept salaries 7% less than what they initially quote.

With a culture-focused recruiting strategy providing so many benefits for employers, it makes sense to focus on strengthening corporate culture. Since the talent acquisition process is the first experience candidates have with a company’s culture, smart recruiters will focus on fine-tuning the hiring process to strengthen and highlight the corporate culture.

Here are some suggestions to improve your company culture:

Gain clarity about your corporate culture from a hiring perspective:

Recruitment planning is the very first step of the talent acquisition process. This is when you’ll make decisions regarding the quality and quantity of hires you need, your strategy for finding top job candidates, workforce staffing and outsourced hiring.

It’s extremely beneficial begin considering now what type of candidates you prefer to attract based on your corporate culture. This way, you can tap only those sources where you’re 100% sure you’ll get the type of applicants you seek.

Identify desired values and behaviors:

The key to finding a prospective employee who fits well with the culture of your company is to focus on the values they hold dear and behaviors they exhibit. Technical skills can be taught, but values and behaviors need to be innate to the applicant.

Do a candidate’s values fall in line with your corporate values? Do their behaviors seem like those which would stand to benefit your company and make you proud to employ them? Answering these questions can help you create a job description that specifies what you’re looking for. Such a culture-driven JD advertises your corporate culture to prospective candidates, and encourages them to apply.

Choose recruiters who understand your company’s culture:

Talent professionals and staffing experts like Alluvion first study the culture of their clients, then custom-create a talent acquisition strategy and process for them that are designed to source and hire culturally-fit candidates.

The best recruiters work diligently to understand your corporate culture and are always willing to invest the time and effort needed to go beyond the resume and find candidates who are psychologically, emotionally and socially fit for your company.

Ask the right interview questions:

To create the right interview questions, focus on the values you respect the most. Frame questions based on these and learn what the candidate’s perspective is about them. Case studies about customer delight, inter-team friendships, leadership management styles and so on, allow you to understand what a candidate thinks, and whether their line-of-thought is in alignment with your culture or not.

Celebrate diversity:

Finally, one excellent way of improving corporate culture is by making your recruitment process diversity-friendly. Nothing represents extraordinary corporate culture than diversity.

Being flexible about who you hire and how you go about hiring them (perhaps offering testing and interview opportunities, even out-of-office for select candidates) can ensure that you get the most suitable people for your company and a diverse workforce. This will ultimately ensure you have a team of highly satisfied employees who are highly productive and profitable.

Start strengthening your corporate culture today. Let Alluvion show you how the right recruitment process and strategy can drive the positive change you desire. Call us at (904) 367-3292 for a no-obligation consultation.