By Robert Davis


The demand for talent in the labor force has never been higher. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ September 2019 unemployment report showed that the national unemployment rate fell to 3.5 percent, the 19th consecutive month that it has been at or below 4 percent, and the lowest it has been in 50 years. Record low unemployment has become the new normal, challenging recruiters and HR teams like never before. Thankfully, new digital recruiting technologies have helped to make the problem of hiring and retaining the right talent much more efficient and effective. They streamline the process for both employers and job seekers, save time and money, and make it far more likely that the right person will be put into the right job with the right organization. Here are some of the digital tools and technologies that are continuing to revolutionize the recruiting and hiring process.

Recruiting Tools for a Digital Age

Targeted Recruiting Ads

Most recruiting software on the market today allows for precision targeting of potential candidates by placing a company’s employment ads on the websites and social media platforms where they will be most likely to be seen. Using a mix of browser cookies, device data and user demographics, these targeted ad systems display your brand to more applicable candidates, instead of random ones.

Search Engine Optimization

When a company improves the SEO of its website and recruiting platforms, it also improves the visibility of its recruiting outreach. This can be done with keyword optimization, social media, and fresh and relevant content. It’s especially important that your recruitment website is optimized for mobile devices, as those are increasingly being used almost exclusively by young job seekers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI technology is advancing at an incredible rate and is increasingly becoming a part of daily life. Although it hasn’t been perfected yet, and is still capable of error and bias, AI is already greatly simplifying the hiring process by quickly reviewing resumes and matching them to relevant job openings. AI can also do a better job of assessing soft skills, EQ and company cultural fit using language analysis and personality tests.

Big Data

Big Data is the essence of AI and other modern recruiting technologies. Companies now have the ability to cheaply collect, sort, and analyze huge amounts of information on potential candidates. The more data available to be analyzed, the better AI and other technologies can assess employment history and relevant experience, identify top performers, and other factors. This helps to ensure the highest rates of recruiting effectiveness.


Collecting all of that Big Data is relatively easy and inexpensive for recruiters these days, but it’s useless without comprehensive analytical tools. Used together, they can not only help a company to develop successful recruiting and hiring strategies, but also guide talent retention methods and help to control employee attrition.

recruitment analytics
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recruitment analytics
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Online Assessments

One of the most useful tools for recruiters is online tests and surveys. These can be used to ask job-specific questions to provide relevant information that may not be included in a formal resume. They can help to save work and time by screening out unqualified candidates at the very beginning of the hiring process.

Live Video

Recruiters are increasingly making use of online video conferencing services to interview candidates, allowing for personal interaction over long distances that’s almost as good as an in-person meeting. They save time, travel and expenses for both parties. Many younger candidates, accustomed to using social media, actually prefer this type of interaction.

Social Media Recruiting

Platforms like Facebook for Business, LinkedIn, and others are an invaluable resource for recruiters looking to target specific candidate pools. They are also increasingly used as part of the background assessment process.

While there are many digital tools for companies to leverage for recruiting and hiring, the most effective approach combines technology with human interaction and expert analysis. Alluvion delivers the best of both. Give us a call at (904) 367-3292 to learn how our recruitment strategies and analytics can work for your company.

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