By Robert Davis, Managing Director


Far too many businesses are dismissive of the benefits that new graduates and interns can bring to an organization. Sometimes, companies get so caught up in recipes for success that have worked in the past that they forget about the new ideas, insights and other gifts that these aspiring professionals can bring to the table. Here are some ways how new graduates and interns can drive innovation and energy in your company and breathe new life into your business.

They are Highly Motivated

They are ready to make their mark on the business world and are typically easy-to-mold. This means you can shape them into the ideal person for their role in your company, rather than having to reshape someone else. It can greatly reduce the learning curve and help you avoid retraining someone out of bad habits.

They are Quick Learners, Willing to Accept New Challenges

Graduating college is no small accomplishment. When you consider that fewer than 40 percent of students manage to graduate within four years of first enrolling in college, it is a testament to a person’s ability to learn, adapt and rise to the occasion – all attractive qualities in job candidates.

They are Versed on the Latest Technology

College graduates and interns have just spent four-to-six years (or even more in the case of advanced degrees) learning the latest, most innovative techniques in your field and industry. They have never known a time in the field without the benefit of technology and have knowledge on how to use new tools, apps and data in ways that no one else in your organization may have even considered yet. They can give you a huge edge over your competition if you bring them into the fold and listen to what they have to offer.

They Offer Fresh New Perspectives

Young professionals bring you insights and perspectives that have been informed by their peers and shaped by the continuing evolution of culture. Having grown up in a different day and time, their values and beliefs are different than the generations that came before them. As a result, their first-hand experiences and opinions can be extremely valuable to organizations, especially those companies trying to connect with and market to this same generation, making them a smart hiring decision.

They Provide Contagious Energy

Sometimes it only takes a spark to light a fire. New graduates and interns offer huge sparks for your business environment that can create a metaphorical fire within your organization filled with new ideas, innovation and purpose. It’s just like attitudes being contagious (good and bad). Which would you rather have in your business? Bland ideas and no energy, or new life, a fresh perspective and boundless energy that drives everyone within the organization to accomplish more?

They Keep a Continual Succession Path Flowing

Because new grads and interns are starting so young, they can be groomed to help shape the future of your organization and grow with it, creating the perfect succession path that flows along with them.

They Are More Affordable

New grads and interns are typically more affordable than established workers. In exchange for the opportunity to build their resume and experiences in the industry, they will work for lower wages, giving your organization a stronger ROI.

When it comes to workforce staffing, whether you’re going for new graduates and interns or seeking to hire more experienced candidates, using professional recruiting services can help ensure that you get the right people for every job, from the start. Contact Alluvion today by calling 904-367-3292 to learn more about our talent acquisition services and how we can help you.