There is no denying that the Coronavirus pandemic is reshaping how America and the world work. For many workers who have been impacted by COVID-19 crisis, the loss of a job could be a blessing in disguise. If you’ve been terminated from your company and are seeking new employment, we urge you to act quickly to get ahead of the curve and rejoin the workforce! The longer you’re out work, the harder it becomes to re-enter the workforce.

Alluvion is open now and ready to help place talented job seekers in current opportunities as well as future positions that we know will become available quickly when American businesses are able to reopen and return to normal operations. It’s easy to let a furlough or job loss make you feel like there’s no hope for the economy or the jobs market. But, don’t believe it! Many businesses are still thriving and ultimately, our nation will bounce back from adversity, as it always has.

Don’t wait until your resources or financial assistance runs out. Start your search now by submitting your information to Alluvion.

Additional Job Seeker Resources:

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2020 Jobs Forecast For Graduates – Even though graduates might think they’re facing unsurmountable odds of landing a job in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, we believe that many industries and companies will likely see an increase in demand for workers. The 2020 jobs forecast still holds promise for graduates—if they know where to look, and use all available resources at their disposal. Click here to read more.

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