By Macky Weaver, Managing Director


Outsourcing isn’t the first thought that comes to mind for many businesses when it comes to talent acquisition. Unfortunately, that could be a mistake. Active recruiting takes time, effort and no small degree of skill for matching talented people with the right organizations. A professional recruiting service can help your business save time, money and the sheer frustration that goes along with poor talent matches and even poorer business results. More importantly, they can help you with the following:

  • Attracting talented professionals that share your corporate values and will embrace your vision
  • Interviewing effectively to weed out those who aren’t good matches for your organization
  • Upgrading your onboarding process to make new talent feel welcome, prepared for the tasks ahead of them, and confident that they can ask the questions and get the answers they need to succeed
  • Examine training and retention strategies to make sure your process is the right one to create proper employee engagement and loyalty throughout your organization

More importantly, staffing experts understand the challenge of a tight labor market and can help you find the diamonds out there without your having to sacrifice superior quality talent or the right culture matches for your organization.

Employer Benefits of Outsourcing Talent Acquisition

Did you know that entrepreneurs today spend approximately 40 percent of their time engaged in tasks like recruiting that, while necessary, do not contribute directly to the bottom lines of their businesses? On top of that, nearly 47 percent of companies actively attempting to recruit talent on their own report that there are few, if any, qualified applicants for their available positions, according to the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends report.

Companies invest a lot of time, money, and resources in the search for top talent that often fail to yield the results you desire. Working with outsourced staffing services allows employers to do all this and more:

  • Draw from a deeper pool of candidates. Workforce recruitment firms have large databases of pre-screened candidates to draw from
  • Utilize smart hiring practices supported by technology and massive databases that help match outstanding candidates to various open positions
  • Develop job descriptions that are more effective for attracting the right candidates with specific skills and attitudes
  • Verify candidate qualifications and culture fit before bringing them into the fold, reducing unnecessary turnover
  • Track of and monitor results to improve recruiting activities, quality of hires and overall effectiveness in the future

The best news for employers is that you can outsource the entire recruiting process. This frees up your time to engage in pursuits that are directly profitable for your business while gaining access to the knowledge, skills and talent of top staffing experts in your industry for the talent acquisition process. Dedicated talent professionals can help you get the talent you need faster while costing your business less in the process

When you trust your recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) to an organization like Alluvion, you will gain access to a process that delivers real results, fast. In addition to providing quality candidates each and every time, we also offer:

  • Best practice processes to recruit and onboard ideal candidates faster
  • Advanced recruiting technologies and sourcing tools
  • Advanced analytics to evaluate and predict performance and success
  • The ability to work effectively with you onsite or offsite
  • Establishment of  a system dedicated to attracting top talent to your business
  • White-label employment branding for your organization

These things all work together to help reduce your overall costs of hiring, time to fill positions, quality of hires, and attrition, allowing you and your team to focus on building your business while ours handles all of your talent acquisition responsibilities for you. Contact Alluvion today online or by calling (904) 367-3292 to learn more about outsourcing recruitment services for your organization.