As the devastating impacts of COVID-19 in Florida have continued to unfurl, nowhere have they been felt more severely than in the areas of unemployment and food insecurity. To help support our local communities, Alluvion has launched our #StaffLocalFeedLocal campaign. For every placement that Alluvion makes between June 15th - September 30th, we will donate meals through local partner food banks.

Our Goal: Put people back to work and donate up to 100,000 meals to local families.

Food insecurity has long been a critical problem in Florida. According to the UNF Department of Nutrition & Dietetics Center for Nutrition & Food Security, 1 in 6 Americans (15.8%) lack accessto adequate amounts of healthy food, including 21.4% of U.S. children. In Florida, the numbers are17% of adults and 26.7% of children.

Our Partner:

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Alluvion has offices in Jacksonville, Tampa and South Florida. If your company has talent needs, either local or national, please contact us for a complimentary analysis of your hiring process.