Today, employment has a wide variety of options that offer employers and workers flexibility when it comes to fulfilling a job. Direct Placement is the most traditional hiring method—when a candidate is offered a permanent role in which he or she will be working for the employer in a full-time capacity. Direct hire employment not only offers a number of advantages for the worker, but also for employers:

1. Employment Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of direct placement is employment benefits. Employment benefits may vary depending on the company’s policy. Many employees in the U.S. are offered health insurance from their employer as well as additional benefits such as retirement plans, paid time off, sick days, and a variety of other employment perks.

Offering a solid benefits package is a great way to attract and retain employees.

2. Job Security

Getting hired for a permanent position through direct placement often helps candidates feel at ease in the workplace knowing that they are capable of growth and advancement in the company. Full-time employees are able to fully focus on their career without having to stress about the future of their job or finding their next contract position.

That sense of job security is an advantage to the employer, as well. It can help boost employee morale, build a stronger company culture, and improve productivity.

3. Professional Development

Joining a company through direct placement may also incentivize employees to take part in professional development opportunities at their workplace, to further grow within the company. Working with the same people on a regular basis gives workers the opportunity to make professional connections and form meaningful relationships where they can learn from each other. This, in turn, benefits the employer by improving teamwork, employee commitment and productivity.

4. Reliable Schedules

Whereas contract work may often be associated with unpredictable workloads and project deadlines, direct hire is more commonly associated with the typical 9-to-5 job. Candidates seeking a direct hire role will most likely be expecting to have a weekly routine with a set schedule. Another advantage is it promotes a healthy work-life balance because employees are given the benefit of planning ahead.

5. Larger Candidate Pool

Companies seeking direct hire placements have the widest selection of potential candidates. While that does not necessarily mean the role will be filled any quicker, direct hire is the most widely-accepted type of position, making it the default choice for many job boards and job searches. Regardless of the type of role, by working with an experienced talent acquisition firm like Alluvion, employers will find the right person for the right position to ensure overall success for the company.

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