By David Reichard


Hiring great talent can be a challenging process, especially in job markets as tight as the one we are in now, with unemployment rates at historical 50-year lows. In high demand sectors like finance and accounting, office professionals and information technology, the imbalance of supply and demand is even more pronounced. Ultimately, every business in every industry, whether big or small, will need new personnel to join their team at some point to fill vacated roles or new positions. With that in mind, here are 8 hiring strategies that companies should be using to maximize your business’ success in 2020:

1. Branding

Almost all candidates seeking jobs today check out a company’s reputation before applying for a job. As a result, it is imperative that you ensure your company maintains a good reputation. A company with a bad one not only has a hard time competing with others, but also struggles to retain its employees and customers. Make sure employer branding is part of your strategy in 2020 by making certain that your brand reflects your business values, mission and culture on all platforms.

2. Online Reviews

Monitoring online reviews is one of the most critical elements for understanding where your brand stands in the marketplace. If you don’t have time to manage this yourself, then it is critical that you find someone on your team to regularly monitor reviews, respond when necessary and put a strategy in place for driving new positive ones, online.

3. Social Media

We are in a time when a huge degree of business and communication are carried out in social media. Because so many people spend so much of their in social networks, this should be one of the key modes you use to get your business known. Establish a strong organic presence and advertise your company on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, then engage with your customers and potential new employees. Done right, you will be able to identify and recruit top talent. Ensure that your presence on social media platforms is consistent and reflective of your company’s brand and values.

4. Respect Your Candidates

First impressions go a long way, whether a candidate gets the job or not. When you treat a candidate with respect and provide them with a positive interview experience, they are more likely to recommend someone else to your company, even if they didn’t make the final cut.

5. Employee Referral Bonuses

Internal recruiting bonuses can be a great way to find the right talent and motivate your current employees. Consider offering bonuses for every referral they make that you end up hiring. Your employees know your business better than anyone and direct referrals from them go a long way towards influencing new candidates positively. You not only attract new candidates, you get free advertising and build brand reputation.

6. Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruiting in all aspects, from creating job descriptions to determining competitive compensation packages to sourcing candidates, vetting, and hiring them, can be a time-consuming, resource draining process. Consider outsourcing the recruitment process to a reputable recruiting company like Alluvion; one with extensive market knowledge, key software systems in place and a deep database of candidates at hand. You’re likely to find it is well worth your while.

7. Use Recruiting Analytics

Like all business, your hiring can be improved by using and understanding data analytics.  Recruiting analytics can help you understand how successful your recruiting, hiring and retention efforts are, how much they cost you, and what you need to improve. Using recruiting analytics can provide you with quick, valuable advantages over your competitors.

8. Create Job Opportunities for Interns

In order to keep your pipeline full of developing talent, consider creating a few spots in your organization that do not require extensive experience, such as a brand ambassador, administrator or social media marketer for your company. Then, hire college students or interns to fill these roles. This is a win-win for both you and the young candidates. When the time comes, they’ll have gained the experience they need for a higher-level role, you’ll be first in line to secure their full-time services, and they’ll know all about your specific business.

Employ these hiring and recruiting strategies, and you’ll be better positioned to meet your HR goals in 2020. If you’re in need of an outsourced recruiting partner to manage a large project or even hard-to-fill positions, give Alluvion a call at (904) 367-3292.

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