By Macky Weaver, Managing Director


Recruiting the right people for your organization is fundamental for a healthy business. Forward-thinking employers interested in future-proofing their businesses have come to understand that successful recruiting can help them grow today, and well into the future. Here are seven reasons why you should consider recruiting an investment in the future you desire for your business, and not an expense.

  1. Recruiting Supports Staff Placement for Operational Success
    All businesses of every size need certain staff in order to operate successfully. This need never goes away. Indeed, as businesses grow, the need only increases. New roles are required. Existing employees may relocate, move on to different jobs or take health leave. Talent acquisition and staffing services help you fill both long and short-term staffing needs, ensuring that your business remains operational and successful.
  2. It Saves Time and Costs for Internal Administrative Staff
    When your staff members are free to handle their administrative tasks, rather than engaging in activities related to either hiring new employees or doing additional work required should they leave, it costs your business both time and money. Both could be saved by investing in smart hiring for your organization utilizing a professional recruiting service.
  3. It Leverages Technologies, Analytics and Data Unavailable to You
    Professional recruiters have access to software and tools that you likely do not have access to. Not only is it more cost-effective for you to use their services, but you are also likely to get better hiring results when you do.
  4. It Increases the Speed of New Hires
    This means that you’re able to bring in new employees to fill positions faster so that the company doesn’t continue to lose money while waiting for the right applicant to come along. Time is the one commodity that can never be recovered. And, in the world of business, time is money. This makes activities that reduce the amount of time it takes to bring in new hires doubly good for your business.
  5. It Supports the Placement of the “Right” Staff
    Recruiting isn’t simply about finding a body to fill a seat. You need to find the right person for every job. This includes identifying someone who not only has the necessary skills and talent to do the job but is also a good match for your company culture. Getting the right fit for your business the first time can help prevent employee turnover, improve employee retention, reduce absenteeism and lower your overall cost-per-hire.
  6. Recruiters Can Help You Create Attractive Opportunities for Candidates
    Not only do recruiters help you craft winning job descriptions that help you find the perfect applicants for your needs, they can also help you create competitive compensation and benefits packages that are attractive to the specific candidates you seek.
  7. Recruiting Supports Succession Planning
    No matter how amazing your company culture happens to be or how loyal your employees are to your business, people leave for a variety of reasons. Some with very little, if any, notice. This is especially the case when key employees suddenly take ill or even pass away before passing the torch to another individual within the organization. Recruiters can help you find the right candidates to ease the transition when this occurs without warning and identify those who are fit for succession training when you are able to plan ahead.

Don’t put off using professional recruiting services because you view it as an expense. Think about the benefits above and realize that not using these invaluable services is an expense your business can’t afford. Contact Alluvion today at 904-367-3292 to discuss your recruiting needs.