Students looking forward to graduating in 2020 and entering the workforce have suddenly had their world turned upside down. The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing shut down has rattled the U.S. and global economies and made for one of the most uncertain job markets since the 2008 recession, when graduates faced a similar situation. It’s too soon to say what the outcome will ultimately be, but what is certain is that when the virus is contained, the economy will soon begin to recover, people will go back to work, and companies will be hiring for many high-demand career positions coming out of this crisis.

In fact, some employment sectors such as healthcare, logistics, and biotech will likely see an increase in demand for workers, for both temporary and permanent positions. In general, the 2020 jobs forecast remains promising, and the career forecasts that were published before the pandemic remain a reliable indicator, as to what kind of jobs will be open to graduates over the next year, and beyond.

2020 Jobs In Demand:

According to lists compiled by Reader’s Digest and upGrad, here are some of the jobs that will be most in-demand in 2020:

    • Physical Therapist
    • Digital Marketer
    • Commercial Drone Pilot
    • Blockchain Developer
    • Lawyer
    • Financial Advisor
    • Home Health Aide
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Social Media Marketer
    • Veterinarian
    • Nurse Practitioner


Technology careers will also continue be front and center, with a full range of professional tech leadership and support roles being required by many companies. For grads looking to land tech jobs, some of the most lucrative and in-demand positions, include:

    • Robotics Engineer
    • AI Specialist
    • Data Analyst
    • Cybersecurity Specialist
    • Full Stack Engineer
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Business Analyst
    • Support Desk Technician

Average Salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the annual mean wage for all occupations in 2019 was $53,490 or $25.72 per hour. The starting salary for the average entry-level position continues to vary greatly depending on educational level, occupation and geographic location. Interestingly, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused a sharp rise in wages in some occupations, particularly in logistics, health care and home delivery.

The average annual salary in 2019 for people working in professional and management positions was $69,107, and for those in service occupations of all types, it was $31,251. The BLS statistics also show that an investment in higher education continues to pay big dividends. In 2019 those with a bachelor’s degree earned an average salary of $71, 863 compared to $38, 843 for those with just a high school diploma.

What Skills Do Employers Want?

It’s long been the trend for companies to go beyond the traditional ways of assessing potential job candidates– things like degrees, grades, extracurricular activities, and achievements—and rather to consider the more personal traits and characteristics that they want to see in an employee. A more comprehensive assessment means considering not only the hard skills that indicate a person will be able to do a good job at a particular task but also the soft skills that show they will also work well within the organization and as part of a team.

For the modern company, some of the skills that are most in-demand, include:

    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Critical Thinking
    • People Management
    • Creativity
    • Team Coordination
    • Cognitive Ability


An annual survey conducted by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) asks top employers across the nation what skills and qualities they look for in a candidate, especially new graduates. They found an applicant needed the following skills to be competitive:

    • Verbal Communications
    • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making
    • Ability to Organize and Prioritize Tasks
    • Writing and Editing Skills
    • Ability to Work as Part of a Team


Although the job market has been hit hard by COVID-19, once the recovery begins, the 2020 careers forecast still holds promise for graduates, if they know where to look for the best jobs and use the resources, available. Alluvion places hundreds of new graduates into high-paying positions each year. A great place to start your search is on our job board for current listings. Make sure to register now for future consideration for new opportunities.

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